Whole-Genome Sequencing Analysis of Human Metabolome in Multi-Ethnic Populations

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Circulating metabolite levels may reflect the state of the human organism in health and disease, however, the genetic architecture of metabolites is not fully understood. We have performed a whole-genome sequencing association analysis of both common and rare variants in up to 11,840 multi-ethnic participants from five studies with up to 1666 circulating metabolites. We have discovered 1985 novel variant-metabolite associations, and validated 761 locus-metabolite associations reported previously. Seventy-nine novel variant-metabolite associations have been replicated, including three genetic loci located on the X chromosome that have demonstrated its involvement in metabolic regulation. Gene-based analysis have provided further support for seven metabolite-replicated loci pairs and their biologically plausible genes. Among those novel replicated variant-metabolite pairs, follow-up analyses have revealed that 26 metabolites have colocalized with 21 tissues, seven metabolite-disease outcome associations have been putatively causal, and 7 metabolites might be regulated by plasma protein levels. Our results have depicted the genetic contribution to circulating metabolite levels, providing additional insights into understanding human disease.

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Article number3111
JournalNature communications
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StatePublished - Dec 2023
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