Understanding the Needs of Individuals Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Loss: A Retrospective Community-Based Survey

Sarah Gavrizi, Jordyn Pike, Winifred Mak

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Background: Pregnancy loss is the most common complication of pregnancy and understanding the needs of individuals experiencing pregnancy loss will help the medical team provide patient-centered care. Few studies address differences in needs of individuals regarding timing of pregnancy losses and number of losses. Methods: An anonymous nine-question survey assessing the experience and immediate needs of individuals who have had pregnancy loss. Results: The survey response was high (79%; 793/1000). 75.8% of the respondents experienced first trimester losses, and 55.0% experienced more than one pregnancy loss. Respondents with three or more losses were more likely to see a reproductive endocrinologist compared to those experiencing one loss (15.7% vs. 6.4%, p < 0.01). The highest-ranked need among all respondents (45.5%) was understanding why their pregnancy loss occurred followed by family support (26.8%). However, those who had more than three losses or first trimester losses ranked preventing a future pregnancy loss over family support. Respondents with three or more losses more frequently desired a referral to a pregnancy loss team (37.5% vs. 79.7%, p < 0.001). A qualitative analysis of respondents' comments on how to provide patient-centered care revealed five major themes; the most frequently mentioned theme was staff preparedness, competence, and availability. Conclusion: Our survey highlights the overwhelming importance to individuals who have had pregnancy loss of finding a cause for their loss, regardless of gestational age/multiple losses. Referral to a dedicated pregnancy loss provider/team is highly desired. Finally, patients value sensitivity, compassion, and emotional support from their physicians and their staff.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1805-1811
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Women's Health
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 1 2022


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  • pregnancy loss
  • survey

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