Trends in Decubitus Ulcer Disease Burden in European Union 15+ Countries, from 1990 to 2017

Richard Goodall, Alexander Armstrong, William Hughes, Charles A. Fries, Dominic Marshall, Eleanor B. Harbinson, Justin Salciccioli, Joseph Shalhoub

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Background: Decubitus ulcers (DU) are a common pathology with significant morbidity and financial implications for health services globally. This study aimed to compare the burden of DU across European Union (EU) 15+ countries between 1990 and 2017. Methods: Age-standardized incidence, mortality, and disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) rates per 100,000 were extracted from the Global Burden of Disease Study online data repository for EU15+ countries (a group of 19 countries with comparable health expenditure, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia). A joinpoint regression analysis was used to describe trends. Results: The incidence of DU increased between 1990 and 2017 in 15 of 19 EU15+ countries for both men and women. Mortality from DU decreased over the time period analyzed in the majority of EU15+ countries: only in Denmark, Finland, and Germany were increasing mortality rates observed. Decreasing DALY rates were generally observed, with the largest decreases observed in Ireland for men and women. Denmark and Germany were the only countries to demonstrate unfavorable trends in mortality, incidence, and DALYs between 1990 and 2017 for men and women. The United States, the Netherlands, and France were the only EU15+ countries in which improving disease burden was identified between 1990 and 2017 for all parameters assessed. Conclusions: Incidence of DU is increasing in EU15+ countries, whereas mortality rates and DALYs are improving. The trends in disease burden in Denmark and Germany have followed contrasting and unfavorable trends. Investigation into these trends is called for.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)E3252
JournalPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1 2020
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