Tradução, validação e adaptação cultural da escala de atividade esportiva

Translated title of the contribution: Translation, validation and cultural adaptation of the "sports activities scale"

Camila Carvalho Krause Gonçalves, Maria Stella Peccin, Gustavo Jerônimo De Melo Almeida, Moises Cohen

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Objectives: to translate and adapt the "Sports Activities Scale" as well as to check its measurement, reproduction and validity properties. Method: the translation, cultural adaptation and validation were made by reviewing the work by Guillemin et al. For statistical analysis, we used descriptive analysis, t-test, inter-class correlation coefficient and Spearman correlation coefficient, with significance level equal to 5% (α = 0.05). Results: the translated questionnaire showed to be understandable and culturally equivalent for 95% of Brazilian patients after some modifications were made; an excellent reproducibility (α = 0.01, ρ < 0.001) when correlating intra- and inter-interviewers; a significant correlation with the SF-36 questionnaire on the following items: functional capacity, pain, general aspects and social aspects, a weak association with SF-36 questionnaire on vitality, emotional aspects and mental health; a significant correlation with Lysholm (α = 0.01, ρ > 0.001); and a moderate negative correlation with the visual analog scale for pain (α = 0.05, ρ = 0.0013). Conclusion: The Brazilian version of the "Sports Activities Scale" questionnaire is an easily-manageable, reproducible and valid parameter for a specific evaluation of knee's symptoms and restraints during sports activities, in Brazilian patients.

Translated title of the contributionTranslation, validation and cultural adaptation of the "sports activities scale"
Original languagePortuguese
Pages (from-to)246-250
Number of pages5
JournalActa Ortopedica Brasileira
Issue number5
StatePublished - 2007
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