tmRDB (tmRNA database)

Bjarne Knudsen, Jacek Wower, Christian Zwieb, Jan Gorodkin

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The tmRNA database (tmRDB) is maintained at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, Texas, and accessible on the World Wide Web at the URL Mirror sites are located at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama ( tmRDB/) and the institute of Biological Sciences, Aarhus, Denmark ( The tmRDB provides information and citation links about tmRNA, a molecule that combines functions of tRNA and mRNA in trans-translation. tmRNA is likely to be present in all bacteria and has been found in algae chloroplasts, the cyanelle of Cyanophora paradoxa and the mitochondrion of the flagellate Reclinomonas americana. This release adds 26 new sequences and corresponding predicted tmRNA-encoded tag peptides for a total of 86 tmRNAs, ordered alphabetically and phylogenetically. Secondary structures and three-dimensional models in PDB format for representative molecules are being made available. tmRNA alignments prove individual base pairs and are generated manually assisted by computational tools. The alignments with their corresponding structural annotation can be obtained in various formats, including a new column format designed to improve and simplify computational usability of the data.

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JournalNucleic acids research
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2001
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