tmRDB (tmRNA database)

Christian Zwieb, Jacek Wower

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The tmRNA database (tmRDB) is maintained at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, Texas, and is accessible on the WWW at URL A tmRDB mirror site is located on the campus of Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, reachable at the URL Since April 1997, the tmRDB has provided sequences of tmRNA (previously called 10Sa RNA), a molecule present in most bacteria and some organelles. This release adds 17 new sequences for a total of 60 tmRNAs. Sequences and corresponding tmRNA-encoded tag peptides are tabulated in alphabetical and phylogenetic order. The updated tmRNA alignment improves the secondary structures of known tmRNAs on the level of individual basepairs. tmRDB also provides an introduction to tmRNA function in trans-translation (with links to relevant literature), a limited number of tmRNA secondary structure diagrams, and numerous three-dimensional models generated interactively with the program ERNA-3D.

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