The treatment of gastric cancer with combined surgical resection and chemotherapy

J. L. Franz, A. B. Cruz

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A series of 156 patients with gastric cancer during a 15 yr period were studied to determine the effectiveness of combined surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy. The patients were divided into a 9 year pre chemotherapy period and a 6 year chemotherapy period. Available data were reviewed retrospectively for stage of disease, treatment modality, and survival. Age distribution was similar but the median age was a decade earlier in the second group. Incidence of distant disease was 46.4% in the second group compared to 36.8% in the first group. Treatment modalities for the first and second groups respectively were: biopsy only 32.4% and 32.8%; surgery only 36.5% and 25.4%; surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy 4.1% and 34.3%; and chemotherapy only 27.0% and 7.5%. Survival expressed as percent of patients surviving revealed: an increase at one year from 46.7% for surgery alone to 73.9% for surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy; an increase at two years from 40.0% to 47.8%; and no increase at 3 years. Five year results were similar. Comparison of results of surgery alone and surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy for patients with regional disease showed: an increase from 46.7% to 85.7% at one year; an increase from 40.0% to 64.3% at 2 years; an increase from 26.7% to 35.7% at 3 years; and no difference at 4 years and after. This data has suggested that surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy increased one, two and three year survival rates but did not affect the long term result.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)No.C-215
JournalProceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research
StatePublished - 1976
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