The diabetic foot

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With the rising prevalence of diabetes mellitus, the impact of foot complications has been recognized worldwide. The potentially devastating effects of this disease have led to substantial personal, social, medical, and economic costs, therefore fueling the search for effective preventative measures and definitive treatment strategies. The main diabetic foot complications include neuropathic ulcerations, infections, amputations, and Charcot deformities. Understanding the pathways to these clinical manifestations provides a foundation for appropriate medical management and surgical intervention when indicated. Many complications are preventable with proper and frequent diabetic foot screenings, patient education in the overall management of diabetes mellitus and its related multi-organ manifestations, and directing high-risk patients into comprehensive treatment programs. Once a diabetic foot complication has ensued, early and aggressive treatment efforts under a multidisciplinary medical and surgical team approach should be targeted at maintaining the patient's function and preserving their quality of life.

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