Spontaneous reiterations of DNA sequences near the ends of adenovirus type 3 genomes

Pamela L. Larsen, Clark Tibbetts

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Repeated passage of adenovirus type 3 in HeLa cells has led to a novel stock of variant genomes. Most of the DNA molecules in this stock are characterized by deletions and substitutions of DNA sequences near the left end of the adenovirus type 3 genome map, as reported earlier (C. C. Robinson and C. Tibbetts (1984)Virology137, 276-286). In this report the characterization of the variant genomes is extended and reveals elongated DNA molecules bearing tandem repetitions of viral DNA sequences near the left and right ends of the viral DNA. Evidence is also presented supporting the cellular DNA origin of short insert sequences found in substitution variants. The elongated variants are of interest because of their novel repeated DNA structures. The locations of these aberrant sequences raise questions about their potential impact on viral gene expression.

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StatePublished - Nov 1985
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