Shoulder arthroplasty without a rotator cuff

Charles A. Rockwood

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Patients with glenohumeral arthritis and absent or irreparable lesions of the rotator cuff represent a therapeutic challenge for orthopedic surgeons. In the June issue of Orthopedics, Dr Gilles Walch discussed the Delta reverse design shoulder prosthesis as a method of managing this problem. Although the Delta prosthesis is currently successful in Europe, it is not yet available in the United States. One technique for managing this problem in North America as well as Europe is a new system that uses the standard Global Advantage humeral component with the special Cuff Tear Arthropathy head. In this issue of Orthopedics, codeveloper and inventor of the Global™ Total Shoulder Prosthesis System, Dr Charles A. Rockwood, Jr discusses treatment options, which are currently available in the United States, for patients with glenohumeral arthritis and irreparable rotator cuff defects.

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StatePublished - Sep 1 2003

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