San Antonio Nathan Shock Center: your one-stop shop for aging research

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With evolving cores, enrichment and training programs, and supported research projects, the San Antonio (SA) Nathan Shock Center has for 26 years provided critical support to investigators locally, nationally, and abroad. With its existing and growing intellectual capital, the SA Nathan Shock Center provides to local and external investigators an enhanced platform to conduct horizontally integrated (lifespan, healthspan, pathology, pharmacology) transformative research in the biology of aging, and serves as a springboard for advanced educational and training activities in aging research. The SA Nathan Shock Center consists of six cores: Administrative/Program Enrichment Core, Research Development Core, Aging Animal Models and Longevity Assessment Core, Pathology Core, Analytical Pharmacology and Drug Evaluation Core, and Integrated Physiology of Aging Core. The overarching goal of the SA Nathan Shock Center is to advance knowledge in the basic biology of aging and to identify molecular and cellular mechanisms that will facilitate the development of pharmacologic interventions and other strategies to extend healthy lifespan. In pursuit of this goal, we provide an innovative “one-stop shop” venue to accelerate transformative research in the biology of aging through our integrated research cores. Moreover, we aim to foster and promote career development of early-stage investigators in aging biology through our research development programs, to serve as a resource and partner to investigators from other Shock Centers, and to disseminate scientific knowledge and enhanced awareness about aging research. Overall, the SA Nathan Shock Center aims to be a leader in research that advances our understanding of the biology of aging and development of approaches to improve longevity and healthy aging.

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