Radiologic assessment of third molar tooth and spheno-occipital synchondrosis for age estimation: a multiple regression analysis study

Husniye Demirturk Kocasarac, Alper Sinanoglu, Marcel E Noujeim, Dilek Helvacioglu Yigit, Canan Baydemir

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For forensic age estimation, radiographic assessment of third molar mineralization is important between 14 and 21 years which coincides with the legal age in most countries. The spheno-occipital synchondrosis (SOS) is an important growth site during development, and its use for age estimation is beneficial when combined with other markers. In this study, we aimed to develop a regression model to estimate and narrow the age range based on the radiologic assessment of third molar and SOS in a Turkish subpopulation. Panoramic radiographs and cone beam CT scans of 349 subjects (182 males, 167 females) with age between 8 and 25 were evaluated. Four-stage system was used to evaluate the fusion degree of SOS, and Demirjian’s eight stages of development for calcification for third molars. The Pearson correlation indicated a strong positive relationship between age and third molar calcification for both sexes (r = 0.850 for females, r = 0.839 for males, P <0.001) and also between age and SOS fusion for females (r = 0.814), but a moderate relationship was found for males (r = 0.599), P <0.001). Based on the results obtained, an age determination formula using these scores was established.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1-10
Number of pages10
JournalInternational Journal of Legal Medicine
StateAccepted/In press - Dec 4 2015



  • Cone beam computed tomography
  • Forensic age estimation
  • Multiple regression analysis
  • Spheno-occipital synchondrosis
  • Third molar tooth

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  • Pathology and Forensic Medicine

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