Prostate cancer prevention: What do we know now, and when will we know more?

Ian M. Thompson, Joseph Basler, Deborah Hensley, Dendra Von Merveldt, Carol A. Jenkins, Betsy Higgins, Robin Leach, Dean Troyer, Brad Pollock

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Prostate cancer prevention is now one of the most aggressively investigated areas of urologic oncology, with > 30,000 men currently participating in clinical trials in the United States alone. The Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial will complete end-of-study prostate biopsies in May 2004, and the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial is rapidly reaching its accrual goal 1-2 years ahead of schedule. These 2 studies will give definitive answers regarding 3 of the most important potential preventive interventions: finasteride, vitamin E, and selenium. Many phase II and biomarker-modulation studies are also ongoing, testing a host of other interventions. It is hoped that, within a short period of time, the clinician will be provided with strategies to reduce the risk of the disease.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)215-220
Number of pages6
JournalClinical Prostate Cancer
Issue number4
StatePublished - Mar 2003


  • Biomarker
  • Early detection
  • Hormonal agents
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin E

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