Preparation course for Part I of the National Dental Boards: lessons learned.

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Student performance on national board examinations is the predominant litmus test for successful programs in health science education. Many different strategies have been used to increase passing rates among students. The objectives of this study were to investigate the influence of a voluntary eighteen-hour National Board Dental Examination Part I (NBDE Part I) preparation course on student performance on the NBDE Part I and to assess students' perspectives on the preparation course. Students' perspectives were obtained through a questionnaire and focus groups. There were significant associations between the students' GPA and the overall examination score and between the course grades corresponding with each section and the section scores. Students attending sessions devoted to specific NBDE subject areas did not obtain significantly better scores for that subject area than nonattending students. Also, the students did not obtain significantly better overall scores for NBDE Part I than in previous years when a preparation course was not conducted. Students most frequently rated the Dental Deck's NBDE Part I Cards as the most helpful study aid, followed by old NBDE Part I tests. The most frequent student rating for most of the presentations was "somewhat helpful," while the most frequent rating for resources placed on Blackboard such as tables and summary material was "helpful." Based upon the findings, we recommended discontinuation of the classroom presentation portion of the board preparation course.

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