Practical Issues in Conducting Hospital-based Research

Cheryl A. Lehman

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    Research in the hospital setting is challenging but important, necessary and "doable." It is in vivo research with all the associated benefits and real obstacles. Studies can be facilitated through inclusion of hospital administrators and staff from the early planning stages. The researcher must be aware of potential threats to the reliability and validity of data, and take steps to minimize these threats. Although it may be difficult to overcome the challenges of conducting research in the hospital setting, the more the researcher learns about the setting, the easier it will be. The astute and responsible researcher will recognize the limitations of the study conducted in the hospital setting, and will communicate these limitations during the dissemination of results. Researchers are encouraged to conduct studies within the hospital setting to the benefit of patients, staff, and administrators.

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    JournalPerioperative Nursing Clinics
    Issue number3
    StatePublished - Sep 2009


    • Hospital research
    • Hospital-based research
    • Issues in research
    • Nursing research
    • Research validity

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