Alexis Volborth, G. E. Miller, Claudia K. Garner, P. A. Jerabek

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Chemical coal analysis is divided into two categories - the Proximate and the Ultimate. In the Proximate Anlaysis one determines and reports ″Moisture″ , ″Ash″ , ″Volatile Matter″ , and ″Fixed Carbon″ . In the Ultimate coal analysis one actually determines the concentration of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur, reports in weight percent and estimates a quantity called ″Oxygen by Difference″ by subtracting the sum of the above elements plus the ″Ash″ from hundred. In the reported experimental study, a new analytical method (fast-neutron activation method) for direct determination of letal oxygen in coal. This paper discusses specific problems encountered and presents new data on a wide variety of coals submitted by the Pennsylvania State University from the well characterized collection from an ERDA supported, computerized data bank and some by the Illinois State Geological Survey (Dr. Harold J. Gluskoter and Dr. Rodney R. Ruch). The data on the subbituminous coals from Wyoming are also utilized. In experiments, thirty-three coals ranging in rank from Lignite to Bituminous coals and including subbituminous, high volatile, medium volatile and low volatile bituminous coals were analyzed and their analyses recalculated. Data are evaluated in some detail.

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StatePublished - 1977
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EventSymp on New Tech in Coal Anal, Presented at Am Chem Soc Natl Meet, 174th - Chicago, IL, USA
Duration: Aug 29 1977Sep 2 1977


OtherSymp on New Tech in Coal Anal, Presented at Am Chem Soc Natl Meet, 174th
CityChicago, IL, USA

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