Nonneoplastic glandular lesions of the cervix

Deedee Lu, I. Tien Yeh

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A diverse number of nonneoplastic glandular lesions of the cervix may mimic well-differentiated invasive adenocarcinoma (minimal deviation adenocarcinoma). It is essential for the practicing pathologist to be familiar with the histopathologic spectrum of these lesions to avoid the pitfalls of misinterpretation and inappropriate management of a benign condition. Careful morphologic examination of routinely stained sections is the cornerstone of diagnosis; however, there are cases with atypical features posing a diagnostic challenge where ancillary techniques such as immunohistochemical stains may be of value. This review presents a case of tunnel clusters that illustrate the importance of recognizing benign morphologic features and includes a discussion of other pseudoneoplastic glandular lesions of the uterine cervix commonly encountered in practice.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)105-111
Number of pages7
JournalPathology Case Reviews
Issue number3
StatePublished - May 1 2006
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  • Nonneoplastic glandular lesions

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