Noncoordinate control of RNA synthesis in eucaryotic cells

Mary V. Willis, Joel B. Baseman, Harold Amos

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Inhibition of protein synthesis in confluent monolayers of chick fibroblasts stimulates selectively the synthesis of 4S RNA, resulting in a net accumulation of 4S RNA in the inhibited cells. Under these conditions, inhibition of ribosomal RNA synthesis and processing occurs, as does a decrease in soluble uridine phosphate concentrations; increased pools of certain amino acids are also apparent. Recovery of cells from inhibition is accompanied by a rapidly increasing rate of protein synthesis that lasts for several hours. The small molecular weight RNA synthesized during inhibition of protein synthesis appears properly methylated, and in the presence of cycloheximide and actinomycin D shows a precursor-product conversion. Radiolabeled RNA synthesized during inhibition of protein synthesis is stable following the recovery of cells from inhibition. Stimulation of uridine incorporation into 4S RNA during arrest of protein synthesis is also demonstrated in high-density cultures of L- and Hep-2 cells, suggesting that this non-coordinate stimulation of 4S RNA may be a general property of eucaryotic cells.

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Issue number2
StatePublished - Oct 1974
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