Nmp4/CIZ suppresses the parathyroid hormone anabolic window by restricting mesenchymal stem cell and osteoprogenitor frequency

Yongzheng He, Paul Childress, Mark Hood, Marta Alvarez, Melissa A. Kacena, Michael Hanlon, Bryce McKee, Joseph P. Bidwell, Feng Chun Yang

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Parathyroid hormone (PTH) anabolic osteoporosis therapy is intrinsically limited by unknown mechanisms. We previously showed that disabling the transcription factor Nmp4/CIZ in mice expanded this anabolic window while modestly elevating bone resorption. This enhanced bone formation requires a lag period to materialize. Wild-type (WT) and Nmp4-knockout (KO) mice exhibited equivalent PTH-induced increases in bone at 2 weeks of treatment, but by 7 weeks, the null mice showed more new bone. At 3-week treatment, serum osteocalcin, a bone formation marker, peaked in WT mice, but continued to increase in null mice. To determine if 3 weeks is the time when the addition of new bone diverges and to investigate its cellular basis, we treated 10-week-old null and WT animals with human PTH (1-34) (30 μg/kg/day) or vehicle before analyzing femoral trabecular architecture and bone marrow (BM) and peripheral blood phenotypic cell profiles. PTH-treated Nmp4-KO mice gained over 2-fold more femoral trabecular bone than WT by 3 weeks. There was no difference between genotypes in BM cellularity or profiles of several blood elements. However, the KO mice exhibited a significant elevation in CFU-F cells, CFU-F AlkPhos+ cells (osteoprogenitors), and a higher percentage of CFU-FAlkPhos+ cells/CFU-F cells consistent with an increase in CD45-/CD146+/CD105+/nestin+ mesenchymal stem cell frequency. Null BM exhibited a 2-fold enhancement in CD8+ T cells known to support osteoprogenitor differentiation and a 1.6-fold increase in CFU-GM colonies (osteoclast progenitors). We propose that Nmp4/CIZ limits the PTH anabolic window by restricting the number of BM stem, progenitor, and blood cells that support anabolic bone remodeling.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)492-500
Number of pages9
JournalStem Cells and Development
Issue number3
StatePublished - Feb 1 2013
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