MEPE expression in osteocytes during orthodontic tooth movement

J. Gluhak-Heinrich, D. Pavlin, W. Yang, M. MacDougall, S. E. Harris

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MEPE and DMP1 may play a role in mineralisation and demineralisation within the osteocyte microenvironment. Our earlier studies showed that DMP1 is mechanically responsive [Gluhak-Heinrich J, Ye L, Bonewald LF, Feng JQ, MacDougall M, Harris SE, et al. Mechanical loading stimulates dentin matrix protein 1 (DMP1) in osteocytes in vivo. J Bone Min Res 2003;18(5):807-17]. Objectives: To examine the effect of mechanical loading on the expression of MEPE using mouse tooth movement model, and compare this effect to that on DMP1. Methods: In situ hybridisation and immunohistochemistry was performed on 38 treated and 38 control bone sites loaded 6-72 h. ImageJ was used for quantification of mRNA expression in osteocytes. Results: Alveolar osteocytes showed high basal level of MEPE that decreased during the first day of loading, followed by 2.8-fold stimulation at day 3, and returning to a control level by day 7. Conclusion: The osteocyte specific mechanical stimulation of MEPE was delayed and different, compared to that of DMP1. This suggests a distinct role of MEPE and DMP1 in the response of osteocytes to mechanical loading in vivo.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)684-690
Number of pages7
JournalArchives of Oral Biology
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 2007


  • MEPE
  • Mechanical loading
  • Osteocytes
  • Tooth movement

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