Linoleic acid-induced mitochondrial Ca2+ efflux causes peroxynitrite generation and protein nitrotyrosylation

Hong Mei Zhang, Howard Dang, Chih Ko Yeh, Bin Xian Zhang

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It is well known that excessive non-esterified fatty acids in diabetes contribute to the pathogenesis of renal complications although the mechanism remains elusive. Enhanced oxidative stress has been hypothesized as a unified factor contributing to diabetic complications and increased protein nitrotyrosylation has been reported in the kidneys of diabetic patients. In the current manuscript we described that linoleic acid (LA) caused mitochondrial Ca2+ efflux and peroxynitrite production, along with increased nitrotyrosine levels of cellular proteins in primary human mesangial cells. The peroxynitrite production by LA was found to depend on mitochondrial Ca2+ efflux. Downregulation of hsp90β1, which has been previously shown to be essential for polyunsaturated fatty acid-induced mitochondrial Ca2+ efflux, significantly diminished LA-responsive mitochondrial Ca2+ efflux and the coupled peroxynitrite generation, implicating a critical role of hsp90β1 in the LA responses. Our results further demonstrated that mitochondrial complexes I and III were directly involved in the LA-induced peroxynitrite generation. Using the well established type 2 diabetic animal model db/ db mice, we observed a dramatically enhanced LA responsive mitochondrial Ca2+ efflux and protein nitrotyrosylation in the kidney. Our study thus demonstrates a cause-effect relationship between LA and peroxynitrite or protein nitrotyrosylation and provides a novel mechanism for lipid-induced nephropathy in diabetes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere6048
JournalPloS one
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 26 2009

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