Isolation and Purification of Self-Renewable Human Neural Stem Cells from iPSCs for Cell Therapy in Experimental Model of Ischemic Stroke

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Neural stem cell therapy has been galvanized by the discovery of pluripotent stem cells. The possibility to generate specialized central nervous system-specific differentiated cells using human somatic cells engineered to become induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) was a game changer. This technology has broad applications in the field of regenerative medicine, in vitro disease modeling, targeted drug discovery, and precision medicine. Currently, iPSCs are one of the most promising cell sources amenable for commercialization and off-the-shelf neural stem cell therapy products. iPSCs exhibit a strong self-renewable ability that supports the development of a virtually unlimited source of neural cells for structural repair in neurological disorders. However, along with this strong proliferative capacity of iPSCs comes the tumorigenic potential of these cells after transplantation. Thus, the isolation and purification of a homogeneous population of human neural stem cells (hNSCs) are of paramount importance to ensure consistency in the composition of the cellular product and to avoid tumor formation in the host brain. This chapter describes the isolation, neuralization, and long-term perpetuation of hNSCs derived from iPSCs through the use of specific growth medium and the preparation of hNSCs for transplantation in an experimental model of stroke. Additionally, we will describe methods to analyze the ischemic stroke and size of grafts using magnetic resonance imaging and OsiriX software and neuroanatomical tracing procedures to study axonal remodeling after ischemic stroke and cell transplantation.

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