Gastrointestinal wall thickening in patients with cirrhosis: Frequency and patterns at contrast-enhanced CT

Okkes I. Karahan, Gerald D. Dodd, Kedar N. Chintapalli, Hyunchul Rhim, Shailendra Chopra

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PURPOSE: To determine the frequency and patterns of gastrointestinal wall thickening at contrast material-enhanced computed tomography (CT) in patients with cirrhosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Three radiologists retrospectively assessed the contrast-enhanced abdominal CT scans of 77 patients with cirrhosis and 100 patients without cirrhosis for gastrointestinal wall thickening from the stomach through the descending colon. The frequencies of wall thickening were determined in the cirrhosis and in the control groups and were compared by using the Fisher exact test. The segmental distribution, symmetry, and enhancement pattern were evaluated in all patients with cirrhosis and gastrointestinal wall thickening. RESULTS: Gastrointestinal wall thickening was seen in 49 (64%) patients with cirrhosis and in seven (7%) control subjects (P < .005). The jejunum and ascending colon were the most common sites of gastrointestinal wall thickening; each was involved in 32 (42%; 95% CI: 30%, 53%) patients. The scans of 30 (61%; 95% CI: 47%, 75%) patients with gastrointestinal wall thickening showed multisegmental distribution. Gastrointestinal wall thickening was concentric and homogeneous in all patients with cirrhosis. CONCLUSION: Gastrointestinal wall thickening is common on contrast-enhanced abdominal CT scan in patients with cirrhosis. It frequently involves multiple segments. The jejunum and ascending colon are the most common sites of involvement.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - 2000


  • Abdomen, CT
  • Gastrointestinal tract, abnormalities
  • Liver, cirrhosis

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