Ethanol embolization of vascular malformations.

W. F. Yakes, J. M. Luethke, S. H. Parker, A. T. Stavros, K. M. Rak, K. D. Hopper, J. N. Dreisbach, D. J. Griffin, C. E. Seibert, T. E. Carter

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Absolute ethanol was used to treat 20 patients with symptomatic vascular malformations (SVMs) (ie, venous malformations, arteriovenous malformations, and congenital and posttraumatic arteriovenous fistulas) in whom previous surgery or standard embolotherapy had failed or who were not candidates for surgery. All large complex lesions required multiple embolizations as staged procedures. Immediate thrombosis was achieved in all patients; complications (13% of cases) were generally minor and were treated conservatively. Follow-up studies, performed in 19 of 20 patients, showed persistent occlusion of the SVM in all cases. Ethanol embolization of SVMs, performed according to strict techniques, has proved efficacious in SVM management and is emerging as a definitive form of therapy.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)787-796
Number of pages10
JournalRadiographics : a review publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc
Issue number5
StatePublished - Sep 1990
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