Effect of a fluoride varnish on demineralization adjacent to orthodontic brackets.

M. A. Todd, R. N. Staley, M. J. Kanellis, K. J. Donly, J. S. Wefel

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Home fluoride regimens have long been used to reduce the amount of demineralization adjacent to orthodontic appliances. In the absence of patient compliance, another method of applying the fluoride must be used. The purpose of this study was to evaluate, in vitro, the ability of a fluoride varnish, Duraflor, to directly inhibit demineralization of enamel surrounding orthodontic brackets. Brackets were bonded to 36 extracted human canines and premolars with a traditional composite resin and randomly assigned to three equal groups of twelve. Group 1 served as the control with no topical application after bonding. Group 2 was treated with a single application of a nonfluoridated placebo varnish. Group 3 was treated with a single application of Duraflor. All groups were cycled in an artificial caries challenge for 1 hour two times daily for 37 days and were brushed with a medium bristled toothbrush to simulate mechanical wear of the varnish. Demineralization of enamel was evaluated in longitudinal buccolingual tooth sections using polarized light microscopy. Both average depth and area of demineralization were measured with a sonic digitizer. ANOVA (P </=. 0001) and Duncan's test (P </=.05) indicated significant differences in depth and area of demineralized enamel. Those teeth treated with Duraflor exhibited 50% less demineralization than the control teeth and an even greater difference when compared to the placebo group. Fluoride varnishes should be considered for use as a preventive adjunct to reduce enamel demineralization adjacent to orthodontic brackets, particularly in patients who exhibit poor compliance with oral hygiene and home fluoride use.

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