Educators’ Insights in Using Chronicle Diabetes: A Data Management System for Diabetes Education

Jing Wang, Linda M. Siminerio

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Diabetes educators lack data systems to monitor diabetes self-management education processes and programs. The purpose of the study is to explore diabetes educator's insights in using a diabetes education data management program: the Chronicle Diabetes system. We conducted 1 focus group with 8 diabetes educators who use the Chronicle system in western Pennsylvania. The focus group was audiotaped and transcribed verbatim. Themes were categorized according to system facilitators and barriers in using Chronicle. Educators report 4 system facilitators and 4 barrier features. System facilitators include (1) ability to extract data from Chronicle for education program recognition, (2) central location for collecting and documenting all patient and education data, (3) capability to monitor behavioral goal setting and clinical outcomes, and (4) use of a patient snapshot report that automatically summarizes behavioral goal setting and an education plan. Barriers reported are (1) initially time-consuming for data entry, (2) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act privacy concerns for e-mailing or downloading report, (3) need for special features (eg, ability to attach a food diary), and (4) need to enhance existing features to standardize goal-setting process and incorporate psychosocial content. Educators favor capabilities for documenting program requirements, goal setting, and patient summaries. Barriers that need to be overcome are the amount of time needed for data entry, privacy, and special features. Diabetes educators conclude that a data management system such as Chronicle facilitates the education process and affords ease in documentation of meeting diabetes self-management education standards and recognition requirements.

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JournalThe Diabetes educator
Issue number2
StatePublished - Mar 2013
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