Digital panoramic and extraoral imaging.

S. B. Dove, W. D. McDavid

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Intraoral, panoramic, and extraoral radiographs are the primary means of diagnosing hard-tissue disorders of the dentomaxillofacial region. These imaging methods require the use of x-ray film and subsequent chemical processing to produce diagnostic images. A goal of recent research has been the replacement of this film-based technology with computer-based devices that use electronic or storage phosphor receptors to record the x-ray image in a digital format. This article discusses some of these emerging technologies and their potential effect on the future of panoramic and extraoral radiology.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)541-551
Number of pages11
JournalDental clinics of North America
Issue number4
StatePublished - Oct 1 1993

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