Critical Leadership and Management Skills for Pathology Practice

Bradley B. Brimhall, Louis D. Wright, Kelli L. McGregor, James S. Hernandez

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Context. - Managed care has changed the nature of medical practice. The practice of pathology has also changed and is likely to undergo further modification. Additional skills in leadership and management are needed to perform optimally in the current medical marketplace. Objective. - To determine whether pathologists view business and informatics skills as being important and valuable in their practices. Design. - A survey was sent electronically (via e-mail) to 2566 pathologists and pathology administrators. Results. - Two hundred sixteen survey recipients (8.4%) responded to the survey. The response rate to individual questions ranged from 86% to 99% (186 to 214 of 216 total respondents). Most who took the survey ranked communication (203/209; 97%), leadership skills (165/209; 79%), and systems thinking skills (155/209; 74%) as either "very important" or "essential." Fewer respondents were willing to offer salary premiums for marketing (108/196; 55%), business or finance (92/196; 47%), or staff leadership (95/196; 48%) skills unless the candidate had a track record of measurable achievement using these skills. Those practicing in academia as well as those making hiring decisions by themselves were more likely to value leadership and management skills. Fewer than 1 % of respondents in any category considered current pathology residency training in leadership and management to be adequate. Conclusions. - Prospective employers value leadership and management skills. Pathology residency programs must include meaningful training in pathology practice management and informatics to satisfy the demand for these skills in the modern pathology marketplace.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1547-1554
Number of pages8
JournalArchives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 2007
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