Comparison of hydroxyapatite and fluoride oral care gels for remineralization of initial caries: a pH-cycling study

Bennett T. Amaechi, Parveez Ahamed AbdulAzees, Linda O. Okoye, Frederic Meyer, Joachim Enax

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Objective: The present in vitro study investigated if simulated daily use of hydroxyapatite-based gel (15% HAP) remineralizes early caries lesions as effective as weekly use of high fluoride (12,500 ppm) concentration gel, comparing them with artificial saliva alone. Materials and methods: Three tooth blocks were produced from each of 20 bovine teeth. Caries-like lesion was created on each block by 4-day demineralization in acidified gel. The blocks were randomized into three remineralization groups (20 blocks/group); Hydroxyapatite-based gel (Karex gelée, 15% HAP, fluoride-free), fluoride-based gel (Elmex gelée, 12,500 ppm F), and artificial saliva (AS). Remineralization was conducted using pH-cycling model for 28 days with storage in AS. The pH cycling model consisted of 2 h demineralization once daily for all groups, and 3 min HAP gel application once daily, 3 min fluoride gel application once weekly, or remain in AS only respectively. Baseline and post-test mineral loss were quantified using microradiography. Results: Paired t-tests (baseline vs. post-Test) indicated significant (p < 0.0001) remineralization in all groups. When compared against each other using Games-Howell’s multiple comparison test, no significant difference in remineralization was observed between the two gels, but both gels exhibited significantly (p < 0.001) higher percentage mineral gain (HAP:39 ± 7%; fluoride:41 ± 11%) than AS alone (6 ± 2%). Conclusion: Hydroxyapatite-based gel (15% HAP) was as effective as fluoride-based gel (12,500 ppm F) in remineralizing initial caries lesion.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number9
JournalBDJ Open
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 1 2020

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