Comparative studies of the outer membranes of Bacteroides gingivalis, strains ATCC 33277, W50, W83,381

Wiebke Kennel, Stanley C. Holt

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Outer membrane fractions from Bacteroides gingivalis strains ATCC 33277, 381, W50, and W83 were isolated by French pressure cell disruption and the distribution of major and minor proteins was determined by SDS‐PAGE electrophoresis after treatment with 2% Sarkosyl and 2% Triton X‐100. Heat‐modifiability of the outer membrane proteins (OMPs) from these B. gingivalis strains was also determined after treatment at 100°C and analysis by both 1‐ and 2‐dimension‐al SDS‐PAGE. The distribution of the OMPs on the surface of these B. gingivalis strains was determined by 125I labelling. For the most part the OMPs of B. gingivalis presented a complex distribution, with OMPs observed between 123kD and 13kD. While the distribution of the OMPs was strain specific, OMPs common to all of the strains were observed. Two percent Sarkosyl treatment of the OMs at room temperature resulted in the solubilization of approximately 60% of the OMP. The Sarkosyl‐insoluble MOMPs had relative molecular weights between 110kD and 20kD. Many of the OMPs which were separated at room temperature were heat‐modified at either 65°C or 100°C. Heating of the OMs at 100°C resulted in the heat modification of the majority of those OMPs observed at room temperature. Sarkosyl‐ 100°C OMs displayed MOMPs at apparent molecular weights between 90kD and 15kD. Radioiodination of the B. gingivalis strains ATCC 33277, 381, W83 and W50 revealed between 7 and 14 MOMPs at the cell surface depending upon the strain. The complexity of the OM of these B. gingivalis strains indicated the possibility of identifying and separating those OMPs involved in a variety of biological functions, including virulence, transport, and cell interaction.

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JournalOral Microbiology and Immunology
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StatePublished - Jun 1990
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  • Bacteroides gingivalis.
  • Bacteroides spp
  • outer membranes

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