Comparative performance evaluation of a new a-Si EPID that exceeds quad high-definition resolution

Kristen A. McConnell, Ara Alexandrian, Nikos Papanikolaou, Sotirios Stathakis

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Purpose: Electronic portal imaging devices (EPIDs) are an integral part of the radiation oncology workflow for treatment setup verification. Several commercial EPID implementations are currently available, each with varying capabilities. To standardize performance evaluation, Task Group Report 58 (TG-58) and TG-142 outline specific image quality metrics to be measured. A LinaTech Image Viewing System (IVS), with the highest commercially available pixel matrix (2688x2688 pixels), was independently evaluated and compared to an Elekta iViewGT (1024x1024 pixels) and a Varian aSi-1000 (1024x768 pixels) using a PTW EPID QC Phantom. Methods: The IVS, iViewGT, and aSi-1000 were each used to acquire 20 images of the PTW QC Phantom. The QC phantom was placed on the couch and aligned at isocenter. The images were exported and analyzed using the epidSoft image quality assurance (QA) software. The reported metrics were signal linearity, isotropy of signal linearity, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), low contrast resolution, and high-contrast resolution. These values were compared between the three EPID solutions. Results: Computed metrics demonstrated comparable results between the EPID solutions with the IVS outperforming the aSi-1000 and iViewGT in the low and high-contrast resolution analysis. Conclusion: The performance of three commercial EPID solutions have been quantified, evaluated, and compared using results from the PTW QC Phantom. The IVS outperformed the other panels in low and high-contrast resolution, but to fully realize the benefits of the IVS, the selection of the monitor on which to view the high-resolution images is important to prevent down sampling and visual of resolution.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)507-513
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of B.U.ON.
Issue number2
StatePublished - Mar 1 2018


  • EPID
  • High resolution
  • Image QA
  • LinaTech

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