Chronic ocular ischemia and carotid vascular disease

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Venous stasis retinopathy and ischemic oculopathy are ocular manifestations of ischemia in the distribution of the carotid artery. While not as common as transient monocular blindness or retinal arterial emboli, they are readily recognizable and indicate the presence of severe, often bilateral, carotid occlusive disease. Patterns of occlusion vary but usually include complete occlusion of at least one common or internal carotid artery, often accompanied by occlusion or narrowing in the opposite carotid system. The ocular findings in venous stasis retinopathy and ischemic oculopathy indicate ongoing ocular ischemia and may progress to intractable neovascular glaucoma. Therapy, individualized for the specific pattern of occlusive changes, may be directed toward prevention of stroke or may be indicated primarily for the reversal of ocular ischemia and prevention of blindness secondary to neovascular glaucoma.

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