Chemotherapy of advanced Hodgkin's disease

Charles A. Coltman

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The benchmark studies of DeVita and associates29 29 DeVita VT, Serpick AA, Carbone PP: Combination chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced Hodgkin's disease, Ann Intern Med 73:881-895 197035 35 DeVita VTCanellos GPMoxley JH: A decade of combination chemotherapy of advanced Hodgkin's disease. Cancer 30:1495-1504 197260 60 DeVita VTLewis BVRozencweig Met al: The chemotherapy of Hodgkin's disease: Past experience and future directions. Cancer 42:979-990 1978 have made a major impact on the survival of patients with advanced Hodgkin's disease. Those data have been confirmed by a number of investigators.31 31 Bernard JBoiron MGoguel Aet al: Traitement de la maladie de Hodgkin par une polychimiotherapie associant moutarde a l'azotevincristinemethylhydrazine et prednisone. La Presse Med 52:2647-2649 196734 34 Mbidde EK, Nkwocha J, et al: Chemotherapy of Hodgkin's disease. Lancet 2:1397 19743537 37 Frei ELuce JKGamble JFet al: Combination chemotherapy in advanced Hodgkin's disease. 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In generalthe complete response rates are low and the disease-free and median survival data are skimpy. The two best programs with respect to complete response duration are B-DOPA64 and ABVD,74 although in additional trialsthese data have been brought into question.697071 The most complete datahoweverare those of Santoro et al.74 in which 21 MOPP failures were treated with a complete response rate of 62% and a 70% disease-free and a 73% overall survival at 3 yr. It is clear from that there are important prognostic factors influencing complete responseresponse durationand survival in patients with advanced Hodgkin's disease. Because of the influence of these prognostic factorsand because most studies have not been stratified with respect to those factors that predict for responseresponse durationand survivalthe interpretation of many studies is done with considerable difficulty. The question of the value of additional therapy beyond induction has been clearly settledas long as patients have sufficient induction treatment to achieve a pathologically documented complete response. Finallymost recent studies with radiotherapy in addition to chemotherapy in advanced disease, particularly those in which low-dose radiotherapy is directed to areas of major bulk disease, have shown an ability to reduce the 34% recurrence at 5 yr60 to an 8% recurrence at 5 yr.83 83 Prosnitz LRFarber LRFischer JJet al: Long term remission with combined modality therapy for advanced Hodgkin's disease. Cancer 37:2826-2833 1976. Although we have not developed a chemotherapy regimen that has improved on the complete response rate of MOPPradiotherapyto prevent relapseis an extremely important lead for the future management of Hodgkin's disease.

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