Bootstrapping implementation research training: A successful approach for academic health centers

Kathleen R. Stevens, Elisabeth De La Rosa, Robert L. Ferrer, Erin Finley Garcia, Bertha E Flores, Dana A. Forgione, Polly Hitchcock Noel, Timothy A Reistetter, Melissa Valerio-Shewmaker, Kevin C. Wooten

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Demand for building competencies in implementation research (IR) outstrips supply of training programs, calling for a paradigm shift. We used a bootstrap approach to leverage external resources and create IR capacity through a novel 2-day training for faculty scientists across the four Texas Clinical & Translational Science Awards (CTSAs). The Workshop combined internal and external expertise, targeted nationally established IR competencies, incorporated new National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute OpenAccess online resources, employed well-known adult education principles, and measured impact. CTSA leader buy-in was reflected in financial support. Evaluation showed increased self-reported IR competency; statewide initiatives expanded. The project demonstrated that, even with limited onsite expertise, it was possible to bootstrap resources and build IR capacity de novo in the CTSA community.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere168
JournalJournal of Clinical and Translational Science
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jul 26 2021


  • Implementation science
  • educational design
  • online resources
  • research training
  • translational research

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