Assessment of the VELscope as an adjunctive examination tool.

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The VELscope is a visualization-enhancement adjunct currently marketed to assist the clinician in assessing potentially dysplastic or malignant mucosal lesions in the oral cavity. The author examined 130 subjects, who smoked at least one package of cigarettes per day. The clinical findings derived from a conventional examination protocol were compared to the findings observed with the VELscope. Ten suspicious lesions were identified by conventional examination. No occult suspicious lesions were identified using the VELscope. VELscope interpretation did not enhance or otherwise alter the clinical management of the suspicious lesions. Several commonly occurring conditions, such as mucosal pigmentations, ulcerations, irritations, and gingivitis were associated with a loss of fluorescence using VELscope. The findings of this study raise questions concerning the utilization of the VELscope as a screening adjunct.

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JournalTexas dental journal
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StatePublished - Jun 2009

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