Androgen dependent synthesis of α2u globulin in the rat: role of the pituitary gland

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Hypophysectomy completely abolished the androgen dependent synthesis of α(2u) globulin in adult rats. Experiments with adrenalectomized and thyroidectomized adult male rats showed that these endocrine ablations also reduced the daily urinary output of α(2u) globulin to about 10% or less than that of the pre operative values. The effects of adrenalectomy and thyroidectomy on α(2u) output could be reversed to normal with the supplementation of corticosterone and thyroxine respectively. However, none of the pituitary hormones administered alone or along with testosterone was able to reverse the effect of hypophysectomy. Simultaneous treatment with growth hormone, corticosterone and thyroxine along with testosterone was required for the complete reversal of the effect of hypophysectomy. It is concluded that the androgenic induction of α(2u) globulin is dependent on the synergistic effects of growth and developmental hormones such as growth hormone, thyroxine and corticosterone.

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JournalJournal of Endocrinology
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