About Face! Five Exemplary Leadership Practices Applied in Contrasting Environments: Military and Academic

Carol A. Reineck

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    To accomplish the clinical care, leadership is critical. Leadership helps integrate the efforts of the entire surgical team amid simultaneous pressures to achieve the expectations of the access, quality, and cost triad. Leadership in the context of contemporary perioperative nursing practice can be learned, practiced, and improved. Leadership content does not change; the context in which it is practiced does change. A framework of five exemplary leadership practices is described. The five leadership practices provide a simple and useful framework to guide perioperative nursing leadership. Highlighting the portability of this framework across settings, each practice is briefly illustrated in the markedly contrasting environments of the military and academia, with a recommendation for use in perioperative nursing practice.

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    JournalPerioperative Nursing Clinics
    Issue number1
    StatePublished - Mar 1 2009



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