• Vogel, Kristine S (PI)
  • McGuire, Michael (PI)
  • Taylor, Stan (PI)
  • McPhaul, Michaael (PI)
  • Estess, Pila (PI)
  • Taurog, Joel (PI)
  • Lacey, Stephen (PI)
  • Taylor, R. Stanley (PI)
  • Barbosa, Miguel (PI)
  • Stroynowskin, Iwona (PI)
  • Bergstresser, Paul (PI)
  • Lawrence Thomas, Kim (PI)
  • Chaudhary, Preet M. (PI)
  • McIver, Kevin S. (PI)
  • Lerner, Michael (PI)
  • Norgard, M. (PI)
  • Pilcher, Brian (PI)
  • Johnston, Stephen (PI)
  • Liu, L.E.I. (PI)
  • Slaughter, Clive (PI)
  • Matsue, Hiroyuki (PI)
  • Yin, Helen (PI)
  • Schultz, Roger (PI)
  • Graff, Jonathan (PI)
  • Sato, Narutoku (PI)
  • Bennett, Michael (PI)
  • Mummert, Mark Eric (PI)
  • Ariizumi, Kiyoshi (PI)
  • Duojia, Pan (PI)
  • Decamp, Dianne (PI)
  • Stone, Dennis (PI)
  • Ariizumi, Kiyoshi (PI)
  • Gazdar, Adi (PI)
  • Qu, Bao- (PI)
  • Yanagisawa, Hiromi (PI)
  • Gruchalla, Rebecca (PI)
  • Lien, Tsu- (PI)
  • Capra, J. Donald (PI)
  • Ariizumi, Kiyoshi (PI)
  • Street, Nancy (PI)
  • Olson, Eric (PI)
  • Lehrman, Mark Andrew (PI)
  • Kitchens, Richard L. (PI)
  • McPhaul, Michael (PI)
  • Yang, Yih-Sheng (PI)
  • Cruz, Ponciano (PI)
  • Takashima, Akira (PI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


The overall goal of this proposal is to promote collaboration among sixteen
basic science and clinical investigators at U.T. Southwestern Medical
Center, thereby facilitating research on skin diseases. Organized as a
Skin Disease Research Center (SDRC), elements of this proposal will take
advantage of existing programs of excellence in biomedical research at
Southwestern Medical Center as well as formalizing scientific
collaborations that have developed over many years. Objectives of the SDRC
are: 1. To provide services, technologies, and training opportunities
that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of center investigators, 2.
To insure quality control in studies conduced by center investigators, 3.
To establish a scientific forum that promotes cooperation, communication,
and collaboration in the investigation of skin biology and skin diseases,
and 4. To provide program enrichment through conferences, journal clubs,
seminars, and visiting scientists. The SDRC will encompass six scientific
cores: 1. Tissue Culture, 2, Protein Chemistry, 3. Molecular Biology,
4. Cell Phenotyping and Flow Cytometry, 5. Cytokine, and 6.
Photobiology. These cores and organized as shared resources to enhance
productivity and to facilitate collaboration among center investigators.
From among fourteen proposals, six Pilot and Feasibility Studies have been
prepared. Each of these addresses a focused area of skin pathology or skin
biology, and, as a whole, they reflect the diverse scientific interests of
investigators participating in the center. Each Pilot and Feasibility
Study has been organized to take full advantage of the technology available
in the core facilities. Ultimately, the SDRC will enhance the quality and
scope of research for targeted skin diseases, including lupus
erythematosus, dermatomyositis, contact allergic dermatitis, psoriasis,
skin cancer, human papilloma virus infection, and wound healing. The SDRC
will also enhance understanding of basic elements of skin biology,
including cutaneous immunity, photobiology and carcinogenesis. Strengths
of the proposal include the internationally acclaimed and longstanding
commitment of Southwestern Medical Center to biomedical investigation, the
prominent record of scientific achievement established by faculty and post-
doctoral fellows in the Department of Dermatology, a SDRC membership
comprised of Investigators with established records of effective
collaboration, and an array of novel ideas proposed by these investigators.
Effective start/end date9/30/925/31/06


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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