• Yeh, Chih-ko (PI)
  • Saunders, Michele J (PI)
  • Mc Carter, Roger J. (PI)
  • Duke, E. Steve (PI)
  • McCarter, Roger (PI)
  • Hazuda, Helen (PI)
  • Ranly, Don (PI)
  • Duke, Steven Steven (PI)

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The overall goal of the Research Center on Oral Health in Aging (RCOHA),
henceforth called Oral Health: San Antonio Longitudinal Study of Aging
(OH:SALSA), is to investigate questions which have relevance in the
maintenance of oral health, oral function, and quality of life, as well as
the underlying factors of oral disease in older population groups. We
strive to accomplish this by 1) using 840 Mexican American and non-
Hispanic white subjects 65-80+ years old from the San Antonio Longitudinal
Study of Aging and a comparison group of 840 subjects 32-64 years old from
the population-based San Antonio Heart Study which is the parent group of
SALSA; and by 2) assembling a set of multidisciplinary basic and clinical
investigators who bring varying backgrounds and state-of-the-art
methodology into a research environment that spurs creative and efficient
scientific endeavors. Individuals have been chosen to participate because
of the quality of their ongoing scientific inquiry, their standing among
peers, and their research horizons into new areas of study. OH:SALSA
[tying together research interests from The University of Texas Health
Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) and Audie L. Murphy Memorial
Veterans Hospital] will be physically housed in the Dental School. It will
consist of an Administrative Core, a SAHS/SALSA Research Resource Core,
and an Epidemiology Assessment Core. These 3 cores will provide common and
central subject management, data collection, and data management for
OH:SALSA investigators and provide them with support personnel and
expertise to facilitate their research objectives. The Administrative
Core will provide the focal point for interaction of Center participants
and provide them with creative approaches to solving research problems. The long-range goal of OH:SALSA is to provide the dental profession the
scientific basis to address clinically relevant questions regarding the
oral health of older population groups. This defines its underlying
themes--1) that changes in oral physiology with age act as a substrate
upon which oral pathology can occur and 2) scientific information
regarding the oral health of an older population should be transferred to
the clinician to be applied to diagnosis and patient care.
Effective start/end date9/1/934/30/00


  • National Institutes of Health: $680,152.00


  • Medicine(all)
  • Dentistry(all)


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