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    The purposes of this investigation are: 1) to determine the
    efficacy of promoting patient self care during cancer treatment for
    women having a diagnosis of breast cancer through nurse
    interventions that provide information, enhance patients' ability
    to use the information and/or support uncertainty-reducing
    interpretations of illness related events; 2) to describe
    concomitant factors and the influence of time as variables that
    enhance or that limit self care activities during and following
    breast cancer treatment; and 3) to describe the efficiency of a
    model of nursing care for women with breast cancer within a health
    maintenance organization (HMO) and within a large private practice
    site. The study contains three components: 1) a multivariate
    experimental analysis of nurse intervention assessment base,
    operation, effect and durability relative to four outcomes; self,
    care, self help, life quality and morbidity. This analysis allows
    determination of which nursing interventions are effective in
    promoting patient self care among women receiving treatment for
    breast cancer; 2) analysis of covariance of concomitant variables
    and multiple regression/correlation analysis (MRC) of the effect
    of time on the learned process of self help during cancer treatment
    experience. Analyses include testing the effect of groups of
    concomitant variables: Person Conditions, e.g., ethnic origin,
    information seeking style, etc.; Disease Conditions, e.g., type of
    tumor, type of treatment, etc; Contextual Conditions, e.g., place
    receiving treatment, social support, etc. These analyses provide
    description of conditions which influence the utilization of self
    care during treatment for breast cancer; and 3) a cost
    effectiveness analysis of program of nursing care offered to
    selected cancer patients within an HMO and within a private
    physician care setting. The design for the multivariate experimental analysis is a 3X2X2
    randomized block, repeated measures design with three levels in the
    learning context treatment factor crossed with two levels in the
    reinforcement factor. Two levels of enabling skill represent the
    blocked factor. The three levels of the learning context are:
    Self help class, independent study, natural condition. The two
    levels of the reinforcement are: Nurse case manager and natural
    condition. Interventions selected are based on health education
    research findings that sharing of information alone is insufficient
    for behavior change and previous experience with self care
    promoting self help classes.
    Effective start/end date5/1/896/30/96


    • National Institutes of Health: $345,301.00


    • Medicine(all)


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