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Prior research strongly suggests that patients with affective disorders
have abnormalities in the functioning of one or more neurobiological
systems. At a conference convened by the Clinical Research Branch, NIMH,
these findings were reviewed and some of the factors which were impeding
movement towards a more complete and integrated view of the functioning of
neurobiological systems in patients with mania or depression were
identified. As a result, the NIMH sponsored the development of a
multiresearch center, collaborative approach to the study of the
psychobiology of affective disorders. In this collaborative program,
underway for several years, the major objectives have been the testing of a
wide range of hypotheses which implicate neurochemistry in the etiology and
maintenance of the affective disorders. In order to accomplish this, the
focus has been upon: (a) the assessment of the functioning of several
different types of biological systems in the same patient both before and
during treatment; (b) obtaining a large number of patients and comparison
subjects; and (c) the use across centers of standardized diagnostic
categories and behavioral methodologies. During the preceding grant period
the data have been consolidated and data analysis has begun. Preliminary
results have been reported and a range of studies are in progress. The
specific aim of this proposal is the continuation of the testing of
earlier, as well as current, hypotheses related to the behavioral and
physiological pathology, as well as to treatment responsivity which may
characterize depressed patients and differentiate them from healthy
Effective start/end date7/1/786/30/88


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