• Lafer, Eileen M (PI)

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The primary goal of the research program is to contribute to a molecular
definition, and consequently deeper functional understanding of the
synapse. A secondary goal which takes advantage of the reagents we are
preparing in executing our primary goal is to contribute to an
understanding of how the expression of neuronal specific genes are
regulated spatially and temporally. Our objectives for this project period
are: 1. Determination of the function of the F1-20 antigen, a novel
synapse specific, developmentally regulated, neuronal specific protein in
the murine CNS. Recently we have found that the F1-20 antigen is a
substrate for neuronal calpain. Furthermore, we have also recently
determined that the F1-20 antigen is a phosphoprotein. The possible
implications of these new results for the function of the F1-20 antigen
will also be explored. 2. Initial assessment of the genomic DNA sequences
which are required to effect accurate cell-type specific and temporal
regulation of the F1-20 gene. This will be carried out in transgenic mice,
as the first step towards a longer range effort to understand the
regulation of gene expression in neuronal cells. 3. Characterization of
the F2-30 antigen, a novel neuronal specific protein expressed in a
regionally restricted fashion within the CNS during embryogenesis. We will
complete our characterization of the F2-30 cDNA, and test the hypothesis
based n a homology between the deduced amino acid sequence with type III
fibronectin domains that the F2-30 antigen play a role in the establishment
of specific synaptic connections.
Effective start/end date8/1/917/31/96


  • National Institutes of Health: $70,200.00


  • Medicine(all)
  • Neuroscience(all)


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