• Pugh, Jacqueline A (PI)
  • Sumaya, Ciro (PI)

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We propose to establish a Mexican American Effectiveness Research Center
(MERECR) to study treatment effectiveness for chronic disabling
conditions n Mexican Americans. We have chosen chronic disabling
conditions because they represent a disproportionate burden of illness
and because culture and language are more likely to influence treatment
conditions. The specific aims of the Research Core are: 1. to identify
chronic diseases or disabilities whose outcomes have the most
variability or which occur at an increased frequency in the Mexican
American population; 2. to assess the cultural appropriateness and
validity of available outcome measures (such as functional status,
quality of life, utilities and costs) for the Mexican American
population and to develop and validate translations as well as new
instruments as necessary; 3. to develop a methodology for assessing
cultural appropriateness of a medical intervention; 4. to assess the
effectiveness of medical interventions o outcomes of chronic diseases
and disabling conditions in the Mexican American population. There are 8
on-going and 11 proposed projects in the Research core. The goal of the
Training Core will be to recruit and train investigators to perform
outcomes research within the Mexican American population. Programs will
include a seminar series for core staff, a visiting lecturer program, a
scholar program for non MERECE faculty and community researchers, a
flexible curriculum for pre and post doctoral students leading to a PhD
or MPH, and research electives for medical students and housestaff.
Recruitment of Mexican Americans within each of these programs will be
emphasized. The specific aims of the Technical Assistance Core (TAC)
are: 1. to support MERECE research, education, and dissemination
projects; 2. to solicit, develop, and review external proposals relevant
to MERECE's mission; 3. to develop a network and directory of
researchers, policymakers, and granting agencies interested in minority
research related to chronic disabling conditions; and 4. to establish a
liaison with the Clearing House on Health Indexes with the aim of
clearly delineating and cataloging which indices are feasible and
validated for use in Mexican Americans. The TAC will provide: a) an
internal review process for proposals, papers articles, presentations,
and videotapes; b) training, consultative and collaborative services for
MERECE affiliated staff and community researchers; c) development and
validation of culturally appropriate functional status and other outcome
measures and interventions for use in MERECE related projects. The
specific aims of the Dissemination Core (DC) are 1. Disseminate
information on medical outcomes research targeted to appropriate health,
governmental, community organizations. 2. Disseminate and evaluate the
impact of medical outcomes research. 3. Provide intimate communication
linkage among MERECE participants and relevant counterparts. 4. Identify
the most effective methods of dissemination of medical outcomes
information to Mexican Americans. The DC will facilitate the regular
transfer and discussion of information that will: a) enhance the
progress of medical outcomes research, training and technical assistance
and b) form a basis for health policy development and implementation.
Effective start/end date9/9/922/28/98


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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