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An international symposium on acute renal failure with special emphasis
on sepsis will be convened in Halkidiki, Greece from June 20 through June
23, 1993. The meeting is being organized as a satellite symposium of the
12th International Congress of Nephrology to be held in Jerusalem, Israel
from June 13 through June 18, 1993. The purpose of the meeting is to
highlight and discuss the most important recent developments in research
on the pathogenesis, pathophysiology, pathology and treatment of acute
renal failure. The topics covered will stress new approaches to correct
the hemodynamic defects related to acute renal failure, cell biology of
renal injury, growth factors as they relate to the recovery process, and
in particular, sepsis as it relates to acute renal failure. The special
emphasis on sepsis is a particularly novel and important aspect of the
meeting, since very recent advances in molecular medicine have made
possible the development of new approaches to preempt the entire spectrum
of vascular injury in septic shock. Invited speakers, other participants
and attendees will reflect an interdisciplinary approach. The close
proximity of the satellite symposium in time and location to the 12th
International Congress of Nephrology is logistically an important
feature, as it will optimize wide participation and attendance. The
planning and organization to convene the meeting is already in an
advanced stage. Funds are being obtained and requested from multiple
sources, including the NIH, to make this meeting possible.
Effective start/end date5/1/934/30/94


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