• Rawls, Henry R (PI)

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We propose to utilize polymer and physical chemistry and cariology to
develop and test novel synthetic resins for blocking dental caries
initiation and/or promoting tooth remineralization. These resins will be
capable of ion-exchange release of fluoride ions into the immediate
vicinity of tooth surfaces. Our previous results have shown that acrylic
fluoride-ion exchanging resins are promising materials for treatment of
incipient carious lesions and that the properties of such resins can be
adapted to the requirements of preventive, restorative and prosthetic
dentistry. Thus such resins have potential for use as fissure sealants,
adhesives, bonding agents, composite restoratives, bite splints and related
applications where extended fluoride release would be of benefit.
Therefore the major objective of the proposed research will be to develop a
family of fluoride-exchanging resins having varying rates of release and
physical, chemical and biological safety characteristics that are
satisfactory for extended use in the mouth. Specifically, we propose to:
1. Formulate fluoride-exchanging acrylic dental resins. 2. Evaluate
properties related to dental material requirements: setting time, initial
mix viscosity, initial set hardness, moisture uptake, solubility, marginal
leakage, and retention of hardness and adhesion in water. 3. Determine
fluoride-release rate into solution and fluoride-uptake into enamel, in
vitro. 4. Evaluate the caries-inhibiting potential of promising resins,
in vitro, using acid gel demineralization and polarized light microscopy.
5. Evaluate the biological safety, in vitro, using the Ames mutagenicity
assey and tissue culture quantitative cytotoxicity.
Effective start/end date4/1/7711/30/86


  • National Institutes of Health


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