• Katz, Michael S (PI)
  • Oyajobi, Babatunde (PI)
  • Sun, Luzhe (PI)
  • Jacobs, John (PI)
  • Simpson, Ellen (PI)
  • Roodman, David (PI)
  • Herman, Brian A. (PI)
  • Elefteriou, Florent (PI)
  • Guise, Theresa (PI)
  • Boyce, Brendan (PI)
  • Bonewald, Linda F. (PI)
  • Roodman, G. David (PI)
  • Yoneda, Toshiyuki (PI)
  • Mundy, Gregory (PI)

Project: Research project

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This project has been initiated in order to develop a team approach to
clarifying the mechanisms by which tumors affect the skeleton and cause
disastrous clinical consequences such as hypercalcemia, bone pain and
susceptibility to fracture. It is our contention that tumors exert their
effects via production of osteotropic factors. Recent studies by ourselves
and others indicate that these factors are heterogeneous and their complete
identification and characterization will require a broadly based approach
involving investigators with expertise in widely disparate areas. The
specific aims of this research are to identify the tumor products which
affect bone cell function and lead to osteolytic metastiasis and
hypercalcemia and to detemine how these factors interact with each other in
causing bone destruction and hypercalcemia. Our plan is primarily to use
in vitro techniques of cell culture to identify factors which affect bone
cell function using sensitive bioassays for bone resorption. We intend to
characterize the role of the tumor derived transforming growth factors, the
PTH-like factors associated with hypercalcemia, and the family of
osteoclast activating factors produced by hematologic malignancies. Since
the expertise required to identify and clarify these heterogeneous factor
will require the attention of investigators with different types of skills,
a team approach will be used to unite a number of diverse approaches around
the tightly focused goal of clarifying the mechanisms responsible for bone
destruction in various tumor types. (P)
Effective start/end date9/30/858/31/13


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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