Conference on the Biology of Aging

  • Austad, Steven N (PI)

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DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Funds are requested to provide
support for the invited symposia that constitute the major part of the
Biological Sciences Section of the Year 2001 Annual Meeting of the
Gerontological Society of America (GSA), which will be held in Chicago,
Illinois from November 16-20, 2001. The conference will be organized by Dr.
Steven N. Austad, Chair-Elect of the Biological Sciences Section of the GSA.
The goals of the meeting are to present state-of-the-art scientific seminars
in many critical areas of experimental biogerontology, and to attract and
promote interactions among researchers, GSA members and nonmembers who work in
laboratory studies of the biology of aging. The Conference will feature
invited symposia on the following topics: (1) Recent Developments in Cellular
Senescence Research; (2) Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Aging; (3)
Apolipoprotein E Polymorphisms in Aging and Fruman Disease; (4) Women?s
Reproductive Aging: Physiology, Genes, and Environment; (5) Aging and
Epigenetic Alterations; (6) Recent Advances in Understanding Wemer Syndrome;
(7) From Worms to Mammals: Are we Identifying General Mechanisms of Aging in
Model Organisms?; (8) Endocrine Regulation and Aging; and (9) House Mice in
the Lab and Field: Diverse Models of Aging. Funds are requested to provide a
portion of the registration costs, economy class airfare travel expenses, and
per diem costs for invited speakers who are members of GSA; and for invited
speakers who are not GSA members, travel costs, meeting registration fees, and
two days per diem reimbursement. These invited symposia, and other biological
sciences section GSA activities including student symposia, poster sessions,
and the plenary sessions, will make the year 2001 annual meeting a highly
stimulating experience which should generate new ideas and experiments as we
move into the 21st century.
Effective start/end date8/1/017/31/02


  • National Institutes of Health: $37,500.00


  • Medicine(all)


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