• Mintz, Jim (PI)
  • Bartzokis, George (PI)
  • Lukoff, David (PI)
  • Cummings, Jeffrey L. (PI)
  • Koegel, Paul (PI)
  • Buchsbaum, Monte (PI)
  • Green, Michael (PI)
  • Wynne, Lyman (PI)
  • Falloon, Ian (PI)
  • Hans, Sydney (PI)
  • Karno, Marvin (PI)
  • Doane, Jeri (PI)
  • Satz, Paul (PI)
  • Spencer, Eth (PI)
  • Jacobs, Harvey (PI)
  • Dawson, Michael (PI)
  • Putten, Theodore (PI)
  • Escobar, Javier (PI)
  • Marshall, B. (PI)
  • Ventura, Joseph (PI)
  • Vaughn, Christine (PI)
  • Wallace, Charles (PI)
  • Liberman, Robert (PI)
  • Nuechterlein, Keith (PI)
  • Marder, Stephen (PI)
  • Goldstein, Michael (PI)

Project: Research project

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The CRC for Schizophrenia is a multidisciplinary organization of scientists
conducting research into the course, treatment, and outcome of
schizophrenia. Emphasis is placed on developing and validating
psychosocial and pharmacological methods of assessment and intervention.
Intervention strategies are designed from knowledge gained through studies
that identify predictors and correlates of course and outcome of
schizophrenic disorders. A heuristic "stress-vulnerability-protective"
factors conceptual framework of schizophrenia guides research aims and is
informed by project findings. Longitudinal studies are multidimensional in
determining the interplay of genetic developmental, cognitive,
psychophysiological and family factors on psychopathology. The CRC consists of core labs that provide direct and consultative research
services to affiliated projects in areas of diagnosis/psychopathology,
family cognition/psychophysiology/neuropsychology, behavioral/social
skills, psychopharmacology, and methodology/statistical support. Core labs
also conduct research and development on instrumentation and pilot studies
in promising areas, resulting in applications for independent, extramural
support for new projects. Research training is pursued with pre-and postdoctoral and visiting fellow
through apprenticeships with CRC faculty. Cross-validation, replication
and dissemination of research methods and novel treatment techniques is
accomplished through collaborative studies with other investigators
throughout the world. Adaptation and utilization of CRC findings are
promoted among practitioners through workshops, publications and video-
assisted treatment modules.
Effective start/end date9/29/7711/30/01


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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