• Robin, Donald A (PI)
  • Druker, David (PI)
  • Horii, Yoshiyuki (PI)
  • Lemke, Jon (PI)
  • Folkins, John (PI)
  • Pinto, Neal (PI)
  • Titze, Ingo (PI)
  • Milder, Martin (PI)
  • Ostrem, Julie (PI)
  • Kintigh, Cynthia (PI)
  • Scherer, Ronald (PI)
  • Gray, Steven (PI)
  • Luschei, Erich (PI)
  • Moon, Jerald (PI)
  • Ramig, Lorraine (PI)
  • Bless, Diane (PI)

Project: Research project

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A center for Voice and Speech Communication is proposed for the purpose of
protecting, rehabilitating, and enhancing voice and speech. Basic research
projects are proposed in neurophysiology, biomechanics, acoustics, and
motor control of the larynx and upper airway structures. Clinical research
projects include phonosurgical procedures, efficacy of behavioral
treatment, and epidemiology. Research training is proposed for
otolaryngology fellows, voice and speech scientists, and speech-language
pathologists. Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary training, not only
within each institution, but also across a consortium of institutions. A
number of resources are shared by center participants, including animal
research facilities, controlled environmental rooms, a professional
recording studio, computer simulation models, electromyography
laboratories, speech analysis software, data bases, and computer networks.
The dissemination projects of the center will promote greater awareness of
health related disabilities resulting from disease, structural defect, or
misuse of the larynx and upper airway structures. In addition to the
outreach to the general public, high-risk populations with unusual demands
on their voice and speech mechanisms will be targeted for dissemination of
information about health, hygiene, and prevention of disorders. The center
is based on the philosophy that a more complete understanding of voice and
speech can be gained by studying not only normal processes and their
disorders, but also highly skilled behaviors. Continuing education for
practitioners in otolaryngology, speech-language pathology, and voice and
speech training will be provided. The proposed center will meet its goals
through a consortium of institutions that have a proven record in providing
clinical services, public information, education in the physical and
biological sciences, and basic research. Many members of the consortium
have collaborated and shared resources prior to this formal arrangement.
Effective start/end date9/30/908/31/01


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)
  • Neuroscience(all)


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