• Chapman, Claude T (PI)
  • Boyd, Charles D. (PI)
  • Youngho, Kim (PI)
  • Csiszar, Katalin (PI)
  • Warn-Cramer, Bonnie (PI)
  • Shomaker, T. Samuel (PI)
  • Kumashiro, Kristin (PI)
  • Le Saux, Olivier (PI)
  • Shohet, Ralph Victor (PI)
  • Urban, Zsolt (PI)
  • [No Value], P. Andy (PI)
  • Harrigan, Rosanne Carol (PI)
  • Matter, Michelle (PI)
  • Jourdan Le Saux, Claude (PI)
  • Yanagihara, Angel Anne (PI)
  • Allen, John (PI)
  • Hoffmann, Peter (PI)
  • Maresh, John Gregory (PI)
  • Stokes, Alexander James (PI)
  • Matsui, Takashi (PI)

Project: Research project

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DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The overall goal of this COBRE
initiative is to develop a Center for Cardiovascular Research at the
University of Hawaii (UH).
This proposal is built upon several exciting new developments at the
University over the last four years that have made this initiative possible.
The biology and particularly the pathobiology of the cardiovascular system has
been an emerging research theme at UH. The NIH-funded principal investigators
directing these research efforts have established a track record of
collaboration and an effective mentoring program for promising young faculty.
With funds from this center proposal, these nationally recognized
investigators, with expertise in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry and
genetics, would have the opportunity, under the direction of the Principal
Investigator, to expand upon and enhance their current research and mentoring
capabilities. These goals would be achieved through three primary specific
1. The development of a strong mentoring group of established investigators,
with interdisciplinary but complementary backgrounds in vascular and
cardiovascular biology, to support the career growth of a selected group of
promising young investigators.
2. The enhancement of infrastructure support through the development of
laboratory core facilities, adminstrative support and resources, in order to
increase the research competitiveness of both established investigators and
young faculty.
3. The development of a strategic plan to assist in the recruitment and
retention of talented and funded young faculty and established investigators
in faculty positions at UH in order to promote the continued growth of a
cardiovascular research program into a major research discipline at UH with
stable funding opportunities to not only parallel but to eventually replace
COBRE funding.
Effective start/end date9/24/019/23/12


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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